Mark Twain was quoted as saying, “Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.”  Honesty, however, is not always on the mind of those that are submitting resumes for a job.  When a job requires a particular educational background, it is important to verify education so that the employer knows what is on the resume is the absolute truth.

The rise in resume fraud can be traced to the rise in unemployment, as people are doing anything they can to land a job.   It has been estimated that as many as 80% of all job seekers submit applications and resumes that purposely list false information.  A background check can help reveal the truth about an applicant.  An applicant’s education is often a vital piece of any job that requires education as a key to a hiring decision.  Verifying education is important to ensuring that what is listed is the actual fact.

The most common areas of resume falsification involve employment and education history.  There are companies that assist persons with fraud, going so far as to provide a service which will offer a glowing recommendation of the candidate.  Along with this are the false documents that can be prepared and made to look authentic.  Taking the time to verify education can make a world of difference, especially when something might be revealed after hiring, thus costing the company more time and money to re-hire someone for the same positions.

It is hoped by many applicants that companies will not check on actual degrees that have been earned or even attendance at a college or university. The fact is that smart companies are acknowledging this and taking the time to verify education so that the person they hire does actually have the educational background to be successful at the position.  It is an easy process, and one that should be done by a company like PeopleG2 that has the skilled personnel to identify documents created by a diploma mill and the ability to get the correct information for our clients.  Verifying education is an important step to making the correct hire.

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