“Listening well ensures that others feel heard” – PeopleG2 CEO Chris Dyer, “The Power of Company Culture44. 54. 63. These are just numbers, but they are important numbers to PeopleG2. Our organization mindset is one of constantly looking for ways to improve and do things better, always working to stay ahead of our competition.

In December of 2018, we made a decision to be better at listening, and wanted to make sure we were hearing what our clients were telling us. PeopleG2 has always carried a reputation of being a customer centric organization, and for a sales driven organization, this is a good thing! And while we have always been good at listening to our clients, we knew we could be better. In January, we started sending out our monthly survey that would gather a Net Promoter Score. We knew that this would give us some good, honest feedback as we gauged our customer relationships. In the world of Net Promoter Scores and Customer Service/Satisfaction, a 50 is considered EXCELLENT and a 70 is considered WORLD CLASS. 

44…our January score. This was our first gauge for where we were at, and allowed us to put processes in place for improvements. While not horrible, we definitely set our sights on areas we could be better in, and move towards our goal of WORLD CLASS.

54…our February score. Our NPS was above 50, but in the PeopleG2 mindset, we don’t just rest on that. We reviewed client feedback, listened to the good and bad, resolved issues and focused on continuously improving our client experience.

63…our March score. To say we are proud of this would be an understatement. As an organization, we want to achieve that rating of WORLD CLASS Customer Service. While we are proud of providing EXCELLENT customer service we don’t rest on this Net Promoter Score of 63, but are using it as a launching point to continue to find innovative ways to be better.

It’s important to us as an organization that we connect with our clients, and our clients have been providing us valuable feedback that we have been using. It all comes down to listening…listening to the external feedback, and also having the internal conversations about how we as an organization can become a WORLD CLASS one.

Next stop…70!



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