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The latest advancements in technology have done more than simplify the workload for HR management. Mobile technology, artificial intelligence, and other innovations allow HR professionals to finally focus on being a human resource.

No more mindless data entry. Say goodbye to serving as the go-between candidate and screening service. No more scanning and emailing PDFs.

If you work in HR management and are thrilled just to have done away with clunky filing cabinets, stay with us. Digitized files were a huge advancement, but technology has grown even more sophisticated in a few short years. Communication tools, applicant tracking systems, and screening software have completely redefined the HR experience.

And if you’re not up-to-date with the latest HR management technology, you’re missing an essential competitive edge.


Easier Access to Better Candidates

We now have more communication options than we can count. Thanks to services such as Zoom and FaceTime, candidates can connect with potential employers and participate in interviews from anywhere. Slack, Asana, and other team communication tools even make it possible to hire remote employees without loss in productivity.

What does this mean for HR management?

It means you can finally cast a wide net. You are no longer limited by the local talent pool, so you can set the high standards your company deserves. Find candidates who represent a perfect fit in terms of talent and vision. 

When you’re not restricted by geographical boundaries, you can do your part to secure a bright future for your company. 


Simplified Communication Between Candidates and HR Management 

Every HR team knows the pain of unending applicant phone calls during the hiring process.

It could be a candidate checking on the status of their background check. They might have a question about their background check report. They may just be letting HR management know they finally signed and returned that PDF . . . three days later. 

Whatever the reason, HR staff is stuck fielding calls while time slips away. 

Modern mobile technology gets around this issue by creating a direct line of communication between applicants and screening services. For example, PeopleG2’s Swifthire technology allows candidates to answer compliance questions right from their smartphone. Once they initiate the background check, they receive an instant notification that their information has been received. 

They also get updates when the background check is complete and can access their own report directly. Any questions about the process or results go straight to the screening service.


No More Compliance Headache

If you work in HR management, you know how hefty compliance paperwork can be. Your candidates come from other cities, counties, and even states. This means the FCRA compliance standards vary from candidate to candidate. Just to be on the safe side, your lawyer has you require all applicants to fill out all forms.

The result is more paperwork, slower turnaround from candidates, and annoyance all around.

Now, HR departments use artificial technology to ensure a compliant screening process without endless forms. Mobile screening software simply asks would-be employees to confirm their city and state of residence. The platform then presents only the compliance questions required for that region.

Just like that, the process moves forward swiftly. Human resources management doesn’t drown in an avalanche of forms, and your best candidates see your company as a well-oiled machine.


HR Management Can Finally Focus on the Big Picture 

HR professionals contribute many valuable skills to their company. They are organizers, decision-makers, and sounding boards. They recognize untapped talent and are often the first to recognize problem areas within team dynamics.

With all these talents to offer, HR staff should not spend precious hours—even days—on data entry.

Modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) have already done wonders for reducing HR workload. Thanks to easy data migration and integration with popular job boards, HR management can access applicant information in one digital location.

You can even find advanced employee screening software that integrates with your preferred ATS. Quickly grab data for literally thousands of applicants and order background checks for all of them in just a few clicks. 

Before this technology, HR management had to waste valuable personnel on a multi-day, one-by-one ordering process. Now, the machines handle the basics so your best human minds can shine.


Maintains Company Standards for Employees

HR management does more than oversee hiring and employee conflicts. This department serves as a guardian of the company’s reputation. If you work in personnel management, you know the effort that goes into vetting candidates. You understand the importance of weeding out those applicants who pose a risk to the security or fail to reflect company values.

But what about existing employees?

Life throws curveballs. A record that is clean today may not be so pristine a year from now. HR management has long struggled to find the balance between monitoring existing employees and breathing down their necks.

This is now a worry of the past, thanks to real-time background check technology. Screening services like PeopleG2 generate ongoing reports to ensure employees still live up to your high standards. If something alarming appears on their record, you’re the first to know. Then, you can take appropriate action to protect your team.


Swift Hiring Process

A great candidate is hard to find . . . and easy to lose during a sluggish hiring process.

In the past, HR management has managed the impossible task of doing their due diligence without letting the good ones get away. HR had to gather compliance paperwork, enter endless data, initiate background checks, and communicate with applicants and screening services. And that’s before setting up interviews with management.  

Innovative technology now streamlines these processes so HR can complete faster hires without rushing interviews.

Employee screening software eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork. Mobile background checks allow candidates to initiate the process immediately without all the printing, scanning and emailing.

Applicant tracking systems allow HR managers to move, share, analyze, and sort a high volume of data within seconds. There are fewer calls to return, fewer emails to answer, and fewer opportunities for competitors to snag awaiting candidates.

Perhaps most importantly, technology allows HR management to do what HR does best: focus on human connection. And it’s not just about relieving staff of administrative duties. These simplified systems create a better candidate experience, ensuring a better relationship with potential employees.

Think it might be time for your human resources department to upgrade its system? Let us help. We tailor high-tech employee screening solutions to meet your unique needs. Request a demo, and a team member will contact you to set up an appointment.

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