Most companies are in agreement that all applicants should be given a criminal background check to determine whether or not they have been honest in their resume and would be a suitable employee for the given field. However, many are unsure of when this process should occur. If given too early, companies could be wasting time and energy into applicants they probably wont pursue in the long run. Given too late and an employer could become too invested in a candidate to look for other applicants if their criminal background does not check out. 

In order to use this system effectively, its important to look at why its necessary to check a criminal past to begin with. Businesses tend to underestimate exactly how many applicants apply for their positions have a criminal past. While the study results are varied, many believe that almost 1 in 4 Americans have committed a crime. It is staggering how many applicants could have potentially dangerous backgrounds, yet so many businesses treat employment screening like a formality. An applicant’s background should be given just as much importance as their set of skills and education. 

A background check should be used constantly for potential applicants when hiring. The more a company uses this service, the more they will know when the best time is for them to utilize it to its fullest potential. A great way companies can start researching when to check background data is by consulting their state’s requirements in regards to criminal records to ensure that they wont be unknowingly violating any restrictions. What is vital to remember is to never let an instinct supersede a qualified assessment of an applicant. The more a company relies on facts uncovered through an employment screening to make it’s hiring selections, the more a candidate will feel obligated to be honest about their past.

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