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Employees quit for various reasons. While there are ways to assess why employees might leave or if they were even a good fit to begin with, there are many reasons why one might leave a job, some of which are driven by mistakes made by leaders. From inconsistent expectation to simply building trust, leaders need to understand their influence on those who look to them for guidance. In all cases, if employees continue to quit, it’s imperative that some examination is given to the reasons why with the understanding that changes might need to be made in order to keep employees excited about being a part of your organization.

Here are some common mistakes made by leaders.

  1. Inconsistent goals or expectations being set. Employees want consistent and clear expectations, and they also want control over what they are doing. Being inconsistent with an employee can only cause confusion and frustration.
  2. Process constraints that look to be affecting performance. Often times, employees find themselves in trouble for not completing a task, but the reality is they are waiting on others to perform their duties so they can then do their part.
  3. Having employees in the wrong roles. Having employees in the right roles helps keep morale high. If there is a disconnect between what they expected to be doing vs. what they are actually doing, this can only lead to an employee quit.
  4. Not challenging employees enough. Good employees want to be challenged, and also want to use their skills to the best of their ability. Don’t continue to give them tasks that don’t challenge them regularly.
  5. Failing to create a good cultureEmployees want to know that they are in a culture that accepts their ideas. If they don’t feel safe in sharing their thoughts or making mistakes, they will be less likely to participate and take risks.
  6. Not having a trusting relationship. Employees expect leadership to be fair and trustworthy. If trust isn’t there for leaders to lead them down the right path, there will be a difficult time getting them all to align and meet the shared company goals.

It’s impossible to control everything within a workplace, including the fact that some employees quit due to no fault of the leadership, but for those things that can be controlled, it’s important for leaders to understand the impact they can have on employees feeling successful and staying for the long term.

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