Hospitality Background Checks

In the hospitality industry, it’s crucial to protect your customers’ sensitive information and make safety your number one priority. Hospitality industry employees often have close contact with customers as well as access to sensitive information and belongings. It’s crucial to have a high level of trust with employees in order to protect customers’ sensitive information, belongings, and prioritize their safety. An incident involving a customer’s sensitive information being stolen or safety threatened can have devastating effects on them and your organization.

Performing thorough background checks on potential new hospitality industry employees is one of the best ways you can hire new staff you can trust with your customers’ sensitive information and safety. Below we will discuss several reasons why the hospitality industry needs background checks and how they can help hire top-quality employees with confidence.

Hospitality Background Checks Protect Sensitive information

Employees in the hospitality industry regularly have access to sensitive customer information. This includes customer credit card information, bank account information, customer contact information, and sensitive identity information. You must protect your customers’ private information, finances, and identity by hiring reputable team members who can be trusted with this type of sensitive information.

Hiring an employee that ends up stealing credit cards, bank accounts, or identity information is a huge liability. It can be detrimental to the customer and the reputation and future of the company. 

A thorough background check can turn up any type of criminal history that may indicate that a potential new employee may be a risk for theft or fraud if hired. Having national criminal background checks in the hospitality industry is crucial in the decision-making process of hiring trustworthy employees.

Hospitality Background Checks Maintain Satisfactory Customer Service

Most staff have face-to-face interactions with customers in the hospitality industry, directly affecting your customer service experience. Having background checks in your hiring process ensures that you’re hiring staff members who are clear of any criminal or substance abuse history. You can feel at ease that you won’t expose your customers to staff that may potentially be a danger.

Beyond a criminal background check and pre-employment drug screening, a sex offender registry search also helps maintain customer service and safety and employee safety. In the hospitality industry, there are a lot of opportunities for unwanted sexual encounters to occur. Hotel employees have access to guests’ rooms, spa employees being in a close setting with guests, bar staff counting money or meeting in the back office. You don’t want to put customers and employees at potential risk, and you can avoid that by running a candidate through the National Sex Offender Registry.

In addition, background checks also help maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring candidates have the experience and skills needed to provide a high-quality customer service experience. Previous employment verification checks are important, especially in the hospitality industry. Your employees are on the front lines, dealing with customers face-to-face daily, and have a significant role in shaping your company’s customer experience. 

Protect Use of Company Equipment 

In some cases, hospitality industry employees have access to and use expensive equipment, such as company vehicles. Negligent employee behavior with expensive company equipment can lead to damages and costly expenses that eat into your company’s profit. And in cases involving accidents with company vehicles or equipment, your organization could be held reliable. So you want to make sure to hire employees you can trust with company equipment and vehicles.

Like a DMV or MVR search, running various background checks gives you insight into potential candidates’ driving history and habits. You can use these background checks to determine who to hire that you can trust to safely handle equipment or drive company vehicles and reduce potential liabilities. 

Uphold Industry Regulations

Whether your company is in the food & beverage industry, gaming industry, or another type of hospitality industry, your employees will be required to uphold local and federal regulations for your specific type of hospitality industry. 

Health code or other types of regulation violations can hurt your company’s reputation, lead to costly fines, and potentially disrupt business operations. A thorough background check that includes checking previous employment performance can help you hire employees you can trust to uphold your industry regulations. 

Reduce Turnover Rate

Hiring the right employees in the hospitality industry goes beyond hiring reputable, skilled, trustworthy employees. It’s also essential to hire employees who are the right match for the job to reduce the turnover rate. The hospitality industry is known for having a higher turnover rate, with one study showing the annual turnover rate at 73.8%

High turnover rates can increase the number of dissatisfied customers and decrease company profits. Having to take the time to search for new hires repeatedly, facilitate training and get them up to speed takes away from the regular daily operations and focusing on customer service. 

You can use background checks to help hire the right employees for the job and reduce the turnover rate by checking their employment history. Verification of employment history can show you if a candidate has moved around from position to job frequently or a pattern of how long they typically stay at a job. An employment history background check will also verify if the candidate was honest about their length of time at previous jobs.

Conducting previous employment history background checks can help you choose new employees who already model a pattern of staying with employers for an extended period. Which can help reduce your chances of a high turnover rate and the complications that can come with that. 

Mitigate Risk of Complaints, Lawsuits, & Penalties 

If a proper background check is run for all new hires, mistakes can be made, and important details that would normally disqualify a candidate can fall through the cracks. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to complaints, lawsuits, fines, and other penalties and problems due to negligent hiring, even if these mistakes are unintentional.

Employers can be held liable for any harm their employees inflict on another party if the employer knew or should have known of the employee’s potential risk to others. If it’s found that the risk of the employee could have been discovered in a reasonable investigation, then the employer can also be held liable. 

Running thorough background checks on all potential employees makes sure you do your due diligence and avoid the risk of a negligent hiring complaint and possible lawsuits.

Preserve Company Reputation

A company is only as good as its reputation. Aside from customer service, the type of employees you hire plays a factor in your overall company character. Being in the hospitality industry, you want to ensure you’re hiring people with good character and who align with company values. 

Hiring employees with negative character attributes, rude behavior, substance abuse, violent or behavioral outburst, or racist or discriminatory tendencies is something you want to avoid to protect your customers and the image of the company. 

Aside from criminal background checks, previous employment or identity verification, and pre-employment drug screening, a social media screening will help ensure you’re hiring employees that will meet company values and protect the company’s image. Some people present themselves in a way that’s not aligned with their true character in order to land the job. A social media screening can help you learn more about the true personality and character of a candidate and if you think they’ll represent the company in an appropriate way.

Hospitality Background Checks: The Bottom Line

With how fast the hospitality industry moves, businesses can open and close fast, and employees in the industry can tend to move around from job to job quickly, which can make it hard to verify past employment and experience. It can seem too time-consuming to check every previous employer on a resume, especially if you need to fill a position fast. Thorough background checks for the hospitality industry can help you save time and be confident that you’re hiring employees who have the necessary experience to fulfill their roles, maintain a high standard of customer service experience and a good overall brand.

At PeopleG2, we care about helping you find the right employees for your company with fast and thorough background checks and screening services. We use automation, a variety of highly accurate background checks, and human support to provide you with a high-quality hiring process. 

With PeopleG2, you can expect a quicker hiring process, better candidate experience, and peace of mind so you can focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. 

We provide a variety of background check services, including:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug testing
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Employment Certification
  • DMV and MVR searches
  • Identity and previous employment checks
  • Social media screenings
  • And more

Our background check services are designed to help meet your company’s hiring needs and help you find the best hospitality industry employees possible for your brand. 

Protect your company and customers and hire with confidence and peace of mind. If you need help with your hospitality industry background checks, reach out to us here, and we will be in touch shortly.

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