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Please take a moment to review our Data Retention Update to ensure you understand the changes occurring and action steps that must be taken by your company to avoid losing data you may wish to retain.

Important Data Retention Update

What is happening?

PeopleG2 has a policy of keeping limited data (reports, applicant or employee data, documents, and detailed invoices) for only two years.  However, most clients still have most of that data stored in our system.  There had not been an easy way to extract or save the data until now.  Beginning October 1st, 2020 all data that is over 2 years old that resides in the PeopleG2 system, will be purged.  It is the responsibility of each PeopleG2 customer to store or save any reports or documents on their end prior to this data purge, should they need them to comply with any local, state, or federal law that impacts their business.  


What should you do?

If you wish to transfer or store your data on your end, that can be done easily. There are two ways to do this.  First, if you only need a small number of reports, please visit your client module.  Select Report Management, locate the reports, and print/save each to PDF for storage on your end.  Our customer service team can help you, or please watch this video.

If you have a large number of reports, or would like all of your data downloaded (or within a specific date range) you must provide to us an FTP or SFTP site before September 20th, 2020. Please include your:

On September 20th we will begin transferring the data to the FTP site you provide and then purging all data over 2 years old.  Once this is done, any data less than 2 years old will still be in your system.  Each week starting Friday night our system will remove data older than 2 years old.  If you choose to have a full FTP download you will have a complete record of all of your data.  This will allow you to then have us repeat this process annually for any new data.  When we provide the data it will be a zip file.  Inside the zip file you will have a Folder for your company, and a subfolder for each applicant. Inside that folder will be their HTML report and any documents they or you uploaded to their background check.  For example:


Why is this being done?

The purging of data is being conducted for many reasons.  In order to protect you, the applicants, and PeopleG2, old data must be removed.  If there was ever a breach in the data, limiting the number of records in your account is key.  Also, there are new and important requirements for data, storage, and timing that must be addressed to keep you compliant with ever-changing state and local laws.  Next, there has been a significant rise in class action lawsuits against employers for small or frivolous issues with FCRA compliance.  With just one error, plaintiffs attorneys are then asking the employer to turn over all records so they can expand the size of their suit.  By purging data when allowed, this will hopefully limit your exposure should a suit occur.  This, of course, assumes you do not keep the data on your end longer than suggested per your legal councils advice. Finally, you will soon see improved speeds in the system and faster load times. With clients holding 10s of thousands of reports, providing a quick search has become very complicated. We want your experience to be fast and effective and we know this update will help each and every client.  

What if you have more questions? What if you need help?

No problem, we got you!  Please send a request to customerservice@peopleg2.com

So to recap, we are purging data older than 2 years.  If you would like to keep your data we can help you do that.  If you do not need your data over 2 years, there is nothing for you to do at this time.  

What if you need more time to prepare?

Based on the size of your data set we can review options with you. Please send a request to customerservice@peopleg2.com or call us at 800-630-2880  Additional fees may apply.

Thank you for your patience while we make these important changes to ensure the safety of your data and improved experience with our system and integrations.