5 Secrets for Thriving as a Remote Team

Learn how to build a better connected and more productive team through remote collaboration. 

In 2009, we sent everyone home by choice, and we understand many of you are now going home to work, without a choice. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting so many businesses and employees that remote work is now the new normal. As many companies look to work from home solutions, it is key they ensure company collaboration excels. To do this, there are a few key concepts to implement, and it will take a shift in your mindset.

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Working remotely has never been more important or relevant. Back in 2009, PeopleG2 decided to move 100% of its employees to work from home, under the leadership of its CEO, Chris Dyer. Originally, this move was purely a financial decision. With the recession in full swing, and the mortgage industry imploding, PeopleG2 knew it could only survive by going remote. It turns out we did survive, and even thrived, by making this bold move.