How is Employee Hiring Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

With many businesses forced to close their doors in the midst of a pandemic, employee hiring has slowed dramatically. If your company has figured out how to adapt and thrive in a stay-at-home economy, you’re already ahead of the curve. And if you need to bring more people on board, even better.

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Just be aware that employee hiring is a slightly different game here in the new normal. Even if you’re an essential business hiring for an on-site position, there are standards you should follow to ensure safety. We’re still at a phase when in-person interaction poses a risk for your candidates, your staff, and yourself.

A remote hiring process is your best bet. This idea might be uncomfortable, especially if you’re still adapting to the work-from-home setup. But trust us: you can properly evaluate and vet applicants without sitting across the table from them.