How To Evaluate An Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems are designed to make hiring new employees a breeze, but deciding which one’s best for your business can have the exact opposite effect. An Applicant Tracking system can help you posting open positions, manage applicants, choose which to advance and hire, and even onboard – but not all systems approach this process the same way. Before attaching your company to a tracking system that underserves it, make sure to prioritize what you want it to do for you.

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A common misconception of applicant tracking systems is that they all handle the same entire process. Some certainly do, but most are only there to assist particular stages of hiring. Make sure to note which hiring structures your company already has in place, and specifically which ones are already running smoothly.

If you don’t need wholesale assistance throughout the process, don’t adopt a system that will turn your entire process upside down!

In this ebook, we’ve broken down a full hiring procedure, so you can focus on the aspects you need the most help with. By comparing your pipeline step by step, you can identify the best spots for a tracking system to come in and lift the load.