Top 4 Background Checks for Faster Staffing Hires

Your reputation as a company lives and dies based on who you send out to your clients for each & every job. While the pace of business may tempt you to expedite your background checks so you can stay ready to fulfill demand, sending even one reckless or unqualified employee (or worse, an actual identity thief) to an assignment can quickly label your whole company unprofessional. Clients trust you to vet the workers you send to them, and if you betray that trust, they’ll find another company they can trust more.

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Staffing agencies come in many shapes and sizes – along with serving many purposes. From brand ambassadors to office assistants, there’s a wide variety of uses for temporary staffing, alongside respective agencies to fill those uses.

One thing that unites them all, however, is a need to screen all their respective employees. In the sections ahead, we’ll identify the unique reasons staffing agencies need to conduct thorough background checks on all new hires, along with 4 essential screenings that need to be a part of that process. If the goal of a background check is to reduce risks, make sure your background check is thorough enough to cover all major risk factors – or else you might be spending time and resources on a process that’s ultimately irrelevant.