Top 4 Background Checks For More Reliable Retail Hires

Retail is an industry of peaks and valleys. High peaks. Seasonal peaks. Seasonal peaks that often encompass over 100,000 hires. It’s a lot of work for any hiring manager, without much time to accomplish it efficiently. On top of that, the kinds of candidates seasonal staffing attracts can often be a mixed bag. Some could be a perfect fit for the job, while others could potentially be disastrous. How do you separate the high-value buys from the fire sales? Easy – by running a comprehensive background check.

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In retail, your reputation may be bolstered by what items are in stock, but it really rests on how good your customer service is. You want to hire candidates who know how to deal with high-volume work without despairing in the stock room, know how to deal with (let’s face it) rude customers without getting too hot, and know how to deal with desirable merchandise without making it disappear. Regardless of job history, a good background check for retail helps determine which employees are ready and able to handle customer service, and which are worth trusting with your inventory.

Retail also happens to be an industry of high turnover. You may think you’re buying yourself extra time, consequences or not, by skipping a background check on the new sales associate, but vetting your candidates more fully can optimize your full team, and actually prevent the rapid turnover that plagues so many stores.