TOP 4 Background Checks For Safer Education Hires

A school fully-staffed with qualified professionals is vital to creating an environment conducive to learning. Unfortunately, hiring in education has never been more difficult. With fewer teachers available, competition is fierce. Detailed employee screenings are as important as ever, but timeliness is a concern as a good hire can easily be lost to the competition.

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Most jobs in education involve working with students in incredibly vulnerable situations that are responsible for shaping their development. It’s important to make sure students are not only safe in an immediate sense, but that teachers and staff responsible for their wellbeing carry themselves with integrity.

There are also strict regulations in education that you must follow closely when hiring. Candidates who’ve fudged their qualifications, including certain licenses, can make you susceptible to complaints, lawsuits, and other penalties. Bad hires can also create a negative environment for students and staff. With so many jobs popping up – often in urgent need – it’s easier than you might think for unqualified candidates to get far in the hiring process, and even slip into jobs they’re unprepared for.