Screening solutions to match every bid. You need to hire quickly, deal with turnover effectively, and comply with each contract’s unique requirements, all while remaining competitive in the bid process.



A Solution For Every Industry

We understand your challenges. You need to hire quickly, deal with turnover effectively, and comply with each contract’s unique requirements, all while remaining competitive in the bid process. You’re also responsible for optimizing safety and minimizing risk at worksites. Employment screening supports these needs, but can be complex. Mistakes — even unintentional ones — can result in complaints, lawsuits (including class action ones), fines and other penalties.

PeopleG2 can help you protect your reputation with industry-leading screening solutions. Our processes are fast, easy to use (for both you and candidates) and flexible. In addition, we have budget-friendly options that support a positive candidate experience and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Hire Faster & Safer

PeopleG2 has the industry’s most connected, intuitive, and flexible background check software solution. It automates screening processes and creates simple workflows, and can scale quickly to help you meet the demands of staffing new projects. In addition, it provides options for simplifying accounting tasks. Our systems can integrate seamlessly with your existing ATS or HRIS platforms

For example, we recently introduced SwiftID Remote Employee Verification to eliminate the challenges of gathering the forms and paperwork necessary for background checks. This new mobile-first software also helps minimize the risk of fraud and identity theft, streamlining the process for your convenience and keeping your company safe.

As your background check partner, PeopleG2 can help you:



We’ll help you choose the checks you need from a large portfolio of services that include criminal background checks, I-9 certification, employment and education verification and more. Screening can be done domestically and internationally.. You’re hiring for different customers, diverse projects and multiple locations. You may work in the office or you may hold hiring events right at work sites. PeopleG2’s mobile-first solutions help you gain peace of mind in any scenario. Flexible options include:

Customizing screening packages easily

Supporting multiple sites

Preordering background checks in quantity



Accuracy Keeps Your Employees Safe

You know that no two carpenters are the same. The same holds true for background check providers. Some providers, for example, provide only two years of history in background checks, when seven years is the industry standard. At PeopleG2 we customize our solutions, but in searching we employ a consistent approach aligned with industry best practices to deliver reports that are accurate, useful and legal.

Our technology delivers advanced verification and compliance filters to ensure you get information you can rely on. The human element is just as important — maybe more important — so we employ highly qualified researchers to probe deeper, address discrepancies and verify results. They look beyond the data to ensure you have thorough and relevant results

Ready for a better hire?

Schedule a call with one of our industry experts, who will answer questions about our process, service offerings, pricing and more. Learn why we provide this valuable service, and how we can make a difference in your organization.


Positive Candidate Experiences

Gig workers often engage with more than one employer at the same time, even in the same industry. They are uniquely positioned to compare your processes with those of other employers. Delays, awkward processes, complicated forms and user-unfriendly websites can send qualified candidates right into the arms of your competition. Our solutions make things easy for them — and you — by improving compliance, simplifying screening, and accelerating the hiring process.


Empower candidates to own the background check process. They eliminate printing, scanning and even emailing.


Applicants even have automatic access to their reports. This enables them to review the results and contact PeopleG2 directly.


Compliance Uncomplicated

While your company will bear ultimate responsibility for compliance, we’re here to advise you. All background checks must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, as well as local, state and federal fair hiring (ban the box) laws. We also have expertise in international screening.


Some key considerations:

  • Become familiar with relevant laws regarding background checks, as well as with industry-specific regulations.
  • Develop a company policy to ensure fair and consistent employment screening.
  • Notify candidates of background checks and give them the opportunity to present their specific case before running a check.


If a background check compels you to deny employment, follow the steps outlined by the FCRA. Some local laws also outline specific steps for adverse action.