Scalable peace of mind at multiple price points. Making bad choices with prospective tenants can cost you a lot of money down the road.


Keep Your Property Safe & Profitable

Most renting/leasing authorities (landlords, co-ops boards and condo associations) know to check credit scores. However, if you’re responsible for screening tenants, there’s a lot more you should be looking into. Making bad choices with prospective tenants can cost you a lot of money down the road. While evictions are the most extreme example, things like property damage and late rental payments can also add up over time. Not only that, a very noisy or disrespectful tenant can cause other renters to move out, leaving you scrambling to fill units.

PeopleG2’s proprietary methods and tools for tenant screening and discovery help thousands of individuals and businesses every year. We offer the standard tenant screening program elements that all service providers offer in the industry. However, we also can provide highly customizable programs to meet unique client circumstances or the need for extra levels of rigor.


The Full Story

Here are some of the questions you should be asking, and ways we can help you answer them effectively. As you review the reports, keep in mind that not every red flag is grounds to refuse to rent. If you see a potential issue, give the prospective tenant an opportunity to explain any extenuating circumstances.

Can the prospective tenant pay rent?

As we said, a credit score check is essential, but just the beginning. You also should run an eviction report, bankruptcy report and employment verification.

Are they safe?

Protect your property and other tenants by conducting national and county checks. These also will check sources like the National Sex Offenders Registry. To be extra thorough, you can run a county civil search.

Will they be respectful?

Landlord and personal reference checks can alert you if the prospective tenant has a history of being noisy, leaving garbage out in public spaces, or if they have had pets that have created property damage or friction with other tenants.



Just as you differ from your competition, PeopleG2 stands out in our industry. We know that different states and even different cities can have different requirements. We customize our solutions, but in searching we employ a consistent approach aligned with industry best practices to deliver reports that are accurate, useful and legal.

Our technology delivers advanced verification and compliance filters to ensure you get information you can rely on. The human element is just as important — maybe more important — so we employ highly qualified researchers to probe deeper, address discrepancies and verify results. They look beyond the data to ensure you have thorough and relevant results.


Compliance Uncomplicated

All of our tenant check solutions have compliance built-in and automated. While your company will bear ultimate responsibility for compliance, we’re here to advise you. All background checks must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Federal Trade Commission and Fair Housing Act guidelines, as well as any local or state laws. If a prospective tenant is from another country, we also have expertise in international screening.

Some key considerations:

  • Become familiar with relevant laws regarding tenant checks.
  • Develop a policy to ensure fair and consistent tenant screening.
  • Notify candidates of tenant checks and give them the opportunity to present their specific case before running a check.

If a credit check compels you to deny employment, follow the steps outlined by the FCRA. Some local laws also outline specific steps for adverse action.