Powerful, connected and secure solutions. You need a technology solution that’s powerful, scalable, and flexible, with a user interface that helps promote engagement and retention.


Technology For A Paperless World

Background checks are just one part of the hiring and onboarding process, but a critical part. With so much at stake, you need a technology solution that’s powerful, scalable, and flexible, with a user interface that helps promote engagement and retention. That’s why PeopleG2 works with deverus, the leading provider of background check software, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, we are able to offer you the industry’s most connected, intuitive, and flexible background check software solution. This powerful platform is being used across the industry to manage background screening processes for companies from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses.

Technology is central to our organization, and our competitive edge relies on our being ahead of the curve. At the same time, background checks are about much more than bells and whistles. Our industry-leading screening solutions incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), data security and compliance and also help ensure a positive candidate experience. They help you control costs and are fast, easy to use (for both you and the candidates) and flexible. We can deliver measurable results in improving accuracy, performance, setup and uptime. And we also can help you control costs.


Speed To Hire

The talent market is competitive and empty seats cost your company money. The AWS cloud platform enables PeopleG2 to increase speed by running clusters of CPU servers on demand. Scale and usage spikes are no problem, and performance can be fine-tuned based on actual workload. In addition, our solutions help you track and manage processes easily, eliminating bottlenecks.


Key mobile-first solutions. Eliminate the challenges of gathering the forms and paperwork necessary for background checks. Providing a fast, efficient process for candidates.


Helps minimizing the risk of fraud and identity theft, streamlining the process for your convenience and keeping your company safe. Providing a fast, efficient process for candidates.


Workflow Automation

PeopleG2’s technology includes strong administrative tools to help you minimize staff hours and maximize efficiency. Automating is easy at every step, including information flow, quality assurance, report grading, compliance, data management and reporting, and others. If you are frustrated by manual entries, repetitive tasks and unproductive workarounds, our solutions will be a breath of fresh, cutting-edge air.

Seamless integrations are also a breeze. We have experience integrating with a wide variety of ATS and HRIS platforms. Our solutions translate formats and protocols into a common format to make integration worry-free and cost effective. Smooth integration also promotes and supports customization of our solutions to your needs.


Ease Of Use

PeopleG2’s fully integrated screening solutions are part of a delivery model that is client-centered, consultative, custom and comprehensive. These are the cornerstones of our success and reasons why so many clients stay with us year after year. We listen to your needs and help you build a solution that meets your goals and eases the pain points.

With PeopleG2, scaling is also easy. Whether your organization is growing or you have hiring spikes, our solutions are with you all the way. AWS allows us to take advantage of auto-scaling that aligns with your company’s needs and based on your actual usage. We also can use Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to spin up clones in just about any region or environment. There’s no need to purchase new servers or keep repeating the initial set-up process.

Our client module is intuitive and provides a fast and easy way to order reports, manage candidates and access information.

The Report Management interface allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your workflow through simple, intuitive information reporting tools

Our solutions also incorporate dependency-free logs and give you access to a powerful logging application, making it easy to find and fix errors, reprocess bad messages and more



You deserve the best, so we provide it! At PeopleG2, we want to extend the highest caliber of security and performance for our clients. One of the main reasons we partner with AWS is due to their solid reputation as having the highest reliability rating of any cloud service in the market. It offers an extremely reliable environment where replacement instances can be rapidly and predictably commissioned. This reputable service runs within Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers. In fact, AWS is so reliable that we are committed to a 99.95% uptime!



Data security and privacy are at the heart of the background check process. The AWS cloud platform includes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to deliver agility and scalability along with the highest standards of security. Amazon EC2 and VPC provide security and robust networking functionality for our computing resources. Here’s how:

We are able to monitor AWS performance through AWS System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports. Based on independent third-party examination, these reports demonstrate how AWS achieves key compliance controls and objectives. These reports help users and auditors understand the AWS controls established to support operations and compliance.


Positive Candidate Experiences

Delays, awkward processes, complicated forms and user-unfriendly websites can send qualified candidates right into the arms of your competition. Our solutions make things easy for them — and you by improving compliance, simplifying screening, and accelerating the hiring process.

Our key mobile-first solutions, SwiftHire and SwiftID, empower candidates to own the background check process. Our software provider, deverus, uses a lean and iterative design process that incorporates user-centric feedback. As a result, SwiftHire and SwiftID eliminate printing, scanning and even emailing. That means candidates can respond immediately, without having to wait until a printer or scanner is handy. Both also use automation technology to update candidates so they never feel left in the dark

Applicants even have automatic access to their reports. This enables them to review the results and contact PeopleG2 directly if they see an inaccuracy. Your prospective hires feel in control of their own trajectory, and you don’t get bogged down with follow-up calls.