Vendor and Workforce

Scalable peace of mind at multiple price points. Whatever the size of your company, you need a reliable background check partner.

Vendor and Workforce Screening

The PeopleG2 Edge

Few businesses can thrive without trusted vendors. In considering a potential external relationship, you need to assess, of course, whether the vendor can deliver to your specifications. But you also should consider the potential risks involved. If a vendor is financially unstable, or has a record of rocky relationships with their customers, it may create a variety of problems. A bad vendor relationship can cost you money, undermine your ability to support your customers, and damage your brand and reputation.

At PeopleG2 we leverage all reasonable and professional intelligence-gathering means to confirm the suitability of potential business partners, suppliers, and even customers. Choosing the right partners, suppliers and customers is essential for the viability and growth of any business. We recognize that each relationship is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work. We’ll work with you to understand your situation, and then bring our 10+ years of experience to bear on tailoring a solution. We also assist clients in assessing human capital and other risks related to acquisitions and capital investments such as private equity transactions.

Vendor and Workforce Screening

Workforce Screening

The workforce is evolving and progressive companies are taking advantage of options beyond regular employment, such as temporary staff, contractors, consultants and others. These resources may not be regular employees, but they still represent your organization’s ideal and brand. You need to apply the same discipline in screening contingent workers that you use in employment screening. A lax approach can result in  damage to your organization’s reputation, exposure to theft, risk to your customers and threats to the safety of other employees.


Vendor and Workforce Screening


PeopleG2 has the industry’s most connected, intuitive, and flexible screening solutions. They automate processes and simplify workflows. As your background check partner, PeopleG2 can help you:

Eliminate manual tasks and automate your screening process.

Design a tailored package of tools and services that meet your needs.

Speed the process at every point on local, state and federal level.

Comply with FCRA, EEOC, and OFCCP guidelines.


Vendor and Workforce Screening


PeopleG2 stands out in our industry. We know that different companies and different situations can have different requirements. We customize our solutions, but in searching we employ a consistent approach aligned with industry best practices to deliver reports that are accurate, useful and legal.

Our technology delivers advanced verification and compliance filters to ensure you get information you can rely on. The human element is just as important — maybe more important — so we employ highly qualified researchers to probe deeper, address discrepancies and verify results. They look beyond the data to ensure you have thorough and relevant results.

Vendor and Workforce Screening

Compliance Uncomplicated

All of our background check solutions have compliance built-in and automated. While your company will bear ultimate responsibility for compliance, we’re here to advise you. All background checks must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, as well as local, state and federal fair hiring (ban the box) laws. We also have expertise in international screening.