Bob Nelson and Roberta Matuson 10/19/2021

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Our first guest is keynote speaker, consultant, executive coach, author of “Work Made Fun Gets Done!“, and President of Nelson Motivation Inc., Dr. Bob Nelson! Bob is a leading authority on employee recognition, motivation, and engagement with his company for nearly twenty five years. In the first half of the show we’re talking all about how to engage workers with simple things like recognition and saying ‘thank you’. Dr. Bob has some great statistics on how employees expect and want to be treated, and shows that just showing some of the basic niceties can help bring in and retain talent without costing your company a dime extra!

Roberta Matuson, “The Talent Maximizer”, Global Executive Coach, Public Speaker, author of “Can We Talk?: Seven Principles for Managing Difficult Conversations at Work“, and Strategic Advisor on Talent kindly joins us for the second half of the show! Roberta has been working with companies to help retain key employees for nearly twenty five years. She’s written five other books all about management, becoming a good leader, and connecting with others in the workplace. Today she’s on the show to talk with us about preparing for difficult conversations in work. This involves taking short notes, how to listen rather than thinking of what we’ll say next, and how to broach those conversations rather than hiding issues or avoiding confrontation.