Emma El-Karout & Mahe Bayireddi 01/19/21

We wanted to give PeopleG2 CEO and TalentTalk host, Chris Dyer, a run for his “name game” money with this this episode with executives making big changes in the workplace development movement. We welcomed Emma El-Karout, One Circle, CEO and Founder to chat about the inter relationship between freelance talent marketplace and global talent markets and how freelance talent platforms can co-exist with the development of high-performing teams.  We projected future options to scale talent while leveraging on a HR freelance platform or Marketplace and how traditional career growth is shifting as people are redesigning and taking control over their careers.

Joined next by the brilliant, Mahe Bayireddi, Phenom CEO & Co-Founder we discuss the power of artificial intelligence and his VERY ambitious goal to help one billion people find the right job! Mahe speaks with countless CHROs every year and shares with us what keeps them up at night; including the costs of candidates and companies not finding that right fit and how AI and automation can help recruiters and hiring managers be more efficient. This is the work, hiring, onboarding future. Join us for the conversation.