Hortense le Gentil & Jason Forrest 01/26/21

On this enthusiastic episode of #TalentTalk with host, Chris Dyer, we “get aligned” with our first guest, Hortense le Gentil, Executive Leadership Coach and Author of the best selling and highly acclaimed book, “Aligned: Connecting Your True Self with the Leader You’re Meant to Be.”  What does a year of being locked down perhaps more than ever before help us to unlock in ourselves? Hortense shares why alignment is so important nowadays and shares how to find and generate a sense of alignment. We dive into the the biggest disruptions to achieving alignment and how companies can achieve alignment when many employees are working remotely and how leaders can rely on intuition to make better, more aligned decisions when facing complicated challenges.

Stay pumped for the second half of TalentTalk because our next guest, Jason Forrest, Forrest Performance Group CEO, brings the energy it takes for results. What makes up a Top Sales Coach vs a Sales Manager? Jason shares with us the secret to a “Sales Warrior” and the 4 characteristics of a Sales Warrior to look for when hiring. We get into the reasons sales people fail and some pitfalls when hiring and onboarding Sales Warriors. This one is high energy and full of inspiration. Go ahead, get it. You deserve success.