Jamey Rootes and Jeanne Achille 04/06/2021

Are you ready for a journey into talent management? On this episode of TalentTalk with PeopleG2 CEO and host, Chris Dyer, we have invited Jamey Roots and Jeanne Achille to discuss employee retention, how to be a good leader, and what part AI development seems to be taking in the business world.

Jamey Roots, Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of “The Winning Game Plan: A Proven Leadership Playbook for Continuous Business Success”, goes on a dive into 4-D Leadership and the key talents which leaders must possess, and how to go about intentionally building #companyculture. 

Following that is a great conversation with Jeanne Achille, CEO of The Devon Group and Chair, Women in HR Tech Summit at the Annual HR Tech Conference. We talked about how training and development are important forms of recognition, and why payroll is the ultimate employee experience. 

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