Jenn Lim and Donato J. Tramuto 11/16/2021

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Today, Jenn Lim has taken up the mantle for the first half of the show! Jenn is Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness and Author of “Beyond Happiness“. There’s a certain boon that’s unquantifiable about being happy with what you’re doing, in work or otherwise. Sure, we all have chores and things we don’t like to do, but when we can really study what makes us happier – be it a good challenge, brain-teaser, working in a team, or finding purpose in tasks – we can improve outcomes and move the status quo to be more positive. Jenn has some great insights into how to do so with introspection, by studying the highs and lows of our experiences.

In the second half of the show, Donato Tramuto discusses empathy, compassion, and how showing vulnerability when appropriate may be a great tool for leaders. Donato is author of The “Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results” (Available March 1, 2022), and founder of the Tamuto Foundation. Through previous life experiences, and troubles like many of us have (in different forms), Donato shares some thoughts about how empathy can help build trust between leaders and team members. The more people can connect and trust one another, the easier success can become!