John Bernatovicz & DJ Eidson 10/20/20

People are unique, employees are unique, and executive management styles are no different. On this episode of Talent Talk, host Chris Dyer interviews company founders using their own techniques for talent management. We are first joined by John Bernatovicz, Founder of Willory, a Staffing and Consulting Company for HR & Payroll. John shares about his journey writing his book, “HR Like a Boss” and his prestigious award that recognizes the best companies for attracting and retaining top performers. He also shares his story of going remote and his primary focus to ensure organizational success as a leader in a 100% virtual company. 

Our next guest on the show is DJ Eidson, Co-Founder and COO of Limitless Minds, who shares about his #1 rule for leadership, why belief is important as a leader, and his focus on Neutral Thinking. He shares everything from identifying talent to his biggest hiring failure, all with a focus on how to build a strong company culture. DJ’s engaging attitude is sure to get you fired up for your own talent management needs and inspired to make change.