Mary G. Russell and Mari Ryan 08/11/2020

Download this workforce well being focused podcast as host, Chris Dyer, leads a discussion on the role of Human Resources and how organizations can create culture that supports the their workforce. Join guests Mary Russell, President/Founder of The Grady Group, a Human Resources Company, and Mari Ryan, CEO/Founder of Advancing Wellness and they share leadership tips, tricks, and tools for success. 

“In your people lies your own strength and weaknesses.” Mary G. Russell of The Grady Group reminds us of the importance of emotional intelligence and respect for all workers, including the bottom line essential individual. She reminds executives that it is more costly to do nothing than to take immediate action to correct the problem. And in many cases, issues came to surface because no one took action. 

Advancing Wellness CEO & Founder, Mari Ryan, later shares with listeners about strategies on how companies can create cultures that support the well-being of their workplace. She encourages us look at how policies, benefits, physical space, and more that contribute to employee well-being because when we see that people feel good and connected to the purpose of an organization, they are more productive, engaged, and likely to stay with that organization for a long time. “When creating culture, we are thinking about creating a people centrist organization that demonstrates caring.”

Have a listen for some inspiration on living with distraction and still seeing the connections that contribute to well being and successful company cultures.