Quality Assurance

Accuracy is everything. Quality assurance checks are built into our technology and we  perform regular audits to identify and respond to potential issues.

Quality Assurance

High Standards
Mean Better Hires

Pricing, turnaround times and customer service really don’t mean much if the background search is a dud. Without rigorous quality assurance, there can be inaccuracies in background reports, inconsistent work on the part of researchers and others, and glitches in technology. Any one of these issues can result in slower hiring, lower quality hiring decisions, and gaps in compliance.

Quality Assurance

Our Industry-Leading System

PeopleG2 has an industry-leading quality assurance system in place inspired by Six Sigma principles. Not only have all our employees passed rigorous background checks, but they also go through extensive initial and ongoing training. The training helps ensure high levels of performance and also covers quality and security.

Quality assurance checks are built into our technology. In addition to keeping our systems up to date with the most current compliance guidelines, we also perform regular audits to identify and respond to potential issues. This helps minimize disputes from candidates about the accuracy of background checks. In addition, our platform employs current best practices in application, network and organizational security.

Quality Assurance

Compliance Uncomplicated

While your company will bear ultimate responsibility for compliance, we’re here to advise you. All background checks must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, as well as local, state and federal fair hiring (ban the box) laws.

Some key considerations:

If a background check compels you to deny employment, follow the steps outlined by the FCRA. Some local laws also outline specific steps for adverse action.