Bryan Dyer

Bryan Dyer, Vice President of Operations, has been with the company since its inception in 2001 and is a seasoned industry professional with 18+ years of experience in all facets of workforce screening. He has extensive knowledge in background screening, integrations, drug testing, global operations, sales, product development, occupational health testing and related HR technologies. He leads the company’s product development, infrastructure and business systems efforts, and is also tasked with leading the team’s efforts to further improve quality, turnaround time, reduce cost, and establishing policies that promote company culture and vision.

Bryan’s industry knowledge is backed by his Basic and Advanced FCRA Certifications he has received from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Along with Basic FCRA Certification, which gives him the understanding of consumer rights, state law variants and the interaction between the FCRA and state variants, his Advanced Certification provides him with an understanding of the complex and cutting edge FCRA compliance issues. This is a value add for clients who can have peace of mind knowing that PeopleG2 is equipped with such vast industry knowledge and experience at the operational level.

Along with his FCRA achievements, Bryan is also a California Certified Polygraph Examiner. He holds a degree in Fire Science, is a registered EMT, and is currently an OC Fire Watch Volunteer.