AccuSource’s 2022 Mid-Year Compliance Update

Wednesday , June 22nd, 2022
11:00 AM PDT |  1  Hour

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Are you feeling ’22? As summer begins and 2022 reaches its halfway point, the first six months remind us that the background screening industry is never boring. New marijuana laws have flowered and legislatures and courts have weighed cannabis users’ rights against employer interests. Ban the box and fair chance laws continue to grow and there is an increased focus on pay equity and transparency. Many legislative, regulatory and judicial changes have arisen, making it critical for employers and others to proactively prepare for their implications.

In this mid-year compliance webinar, we will review important drug screening developments, including new and updated cannabis legislation, laws impacting permissible drug testing, reasonable accommodation, and other related issues. We will also examine new ban the box and fair chance laws as well as salary transparency. We will discuss new privacy laws, whether just enacted or going into effect in the coming months. Additionally, we will address other topics affecting the industry, including recent litigation involving the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We will conclude our update by revealing areas to watch for the remainder of the year as well as important trends in background screening to consider in maintaining compliance programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • 2022 Mid-Year Review
    • Ban the box and fair chance act legislation
    • Salary transparency
    • Marijuana and other drug screening developments
    • Privacy law updates
    • Other timely industry topics including litigation
  • 2022 Anticipated changes and trends
  • Best practice recommendation to aid in ensuring compliance