The Essence of Future Leadership

We know three things for sure. Death is inevitable, Taxes must be paid. Finally, leadership is about to change. How we work, where we work, and what that looks like over the next year will require a new mindset and framework for leaders. The essence of future leadership will change. Successful leaders will adapt and take a new strategy for their new reality to ensure the team and company thrive. To do that, any leader must consider these key areas:
  1. Being vs Doing
  2. Genius Curiosity
  3. Asking good questions
  4. Positive mindset and intent
  5. Celebrating success from afar
Join Company Culture and Remote Work Expert Chris Dyer and his special guest Internationally recognized expert on Positive Change and Executive Coach to some of the top teams in the world-Ralph Weickel. Together they will explore and identify what every leader should be doing to be ready for the future, the new way of working, and finding success around every corner.