Wonder Twin Powers Activate – How Leaders Can Harness Their Right and Left-brain Superpowers

In this webinar performance experts Hortense le Gentil and Chris Dyer will explore the secrets to unlocking true power through balance and understanding. Our brains are full of incredible secrets just waiting to be unleashed. There is nothing to buy. No secret pill or diet. Instead each leader must combine their abilities from both sides of the brain to harness true inspiration and success. Bestselling authors and recognized thought leaders Hortense and Chris will give their best kept secrets freely in this one time, one hour, webinar. As they interview each other to find deeper truths, attendees should expect to learn more about:

• The power of well-timed vulnerability
• Expressing and receiving humanity at its best
• Implementing proven techniques for emotionally intelligent conversations
• Avoiding the superhero mentality with a stronger focus on teams and collaboration
• Which cognitive biases are blocking you for true happiness at work